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~  Examples of Pro Audio Product Contributions ~


Universal Audio is a prominent professional audio company, designing and manufacturing powerful, sonically rich software and hardware studio tools that engineers use for audio production.

I’m still generating all customer-facing technical documentation for UA’s entire UAD Powered Plug-Ins product line since the first customer shipment in 2001. I wrote, edited, and published all the examples on this page (among other duties).

Product Support Website

With high technology products, it’s important to ensure accurate and up-to-date technical information is always available to reduce support costs.

Below are links to technical web pages that detail software release information and updated support issues for users of the complex UAD system.


  1. Software release downloads

  2. Version release notes

  3. Various technical bulletins

The UAD platform combines hardware with software plug-ins, providing DSP expansion for digital audio workstations. Example: UAD Manual.pdf (473 pages)

The Universal Audio 2192 is a high-end, mastering-grade audio A/D-D/A converter.

Example: 2192 Manual.pdf (45 pages)

UAD Powered Plug-Ins Manual

2192 Master Digital Audio Interface

Product CD Mastering

Here’s a screenshot of a hybrid (Mac+Win) product CD-ROM that I produced. I’ve also created and mastered many audio CDs.

Product Software Installers

Another screenshot of a typical window within the UAD installer I created for Mac.

Additional Examples and Skills

You’ll find more examples of product development, including an audio demo reel, on this page.